суббота, 20 ноября 2010 г.

I've been looking forward to meeting the blogger's life.

About what can write a 16-years old teenager? Your answer will be :make-up, fashion, stars, first love.. Assure you..it's not like this.Why? Because a teenager has his own inner peace.Sure, like all the girls,i  think about beauty, fashion, but there are moments when i start understanding, that this things are only small stars of  my space.... there are much more important things in my own world. My age is 16 , but sometimes  i feel like i'm a 30 years old women, that survived so many things in her life, which can give an advice for all the life's situations. The blogger's life- is an area, in which u can write all your thoughts... I decided to create my area... so , we'll see, what will happens...

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